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Be Pure

Be Pure Iron Restore Vege Capsules

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BePure Iron Restore provides 24 mg of highly bioavailable iron in a gut-friendly biglycinate form, 500 mg of vitamin C is provided per serving to assist with the absorption of iron. BePure Iron Restore also provides essential blood building cofactors of B9, B12, and B6 to further support the production of hemoglobin.


Iron is an important mineral with many functions in the body including the production of red blood cells. 

Iron deficiency is common in vegetarians, menstruating women, pregnancy, infants and the elderly. Our formulation is Vegan Friendly and contains 100% RDI Iron.


BePure Iron Restore Supports:                 

Restoration of low iron levels

Supports production of red blood cells

Energy production

Growth and development

Transports oxygen to our organs

Heart Health

Mental wellbeing and Brain Fog